MITCH listens attently but one could almost sense an aura of disappointment coming from the contruct. He looks at the loud one and gives a look of puzzlement "Of course it matters, when running into unknown situations it is best to know what one could encounter at any given scenario to ensure proper risk assessment for strategic purposes... though I suppose you lack a proper processor though running blindly into battle by most standards is considered foolhardy and borderline suicidal... Are you suicidal? Do you have repressed memories of your father? Did he touch you!?! Tell me about what you... 'feel' when you're alone, did you have a happy child hood did your mother breast feed you? One of my programmed features is morale boosting and thus dealing with depressed commrades... I can give you a hug Mr. Loud Depressed Human!" He walks over with his large mechanical arms extended for a bone crushing embrace.