Stopping in the doorway when he hears MITCH's words, Tolan turns a full 180 degrees back into the tavern, ignoring Alexander's greeting and holding up a finger to him. Tolan marches right up to MITCH and stares up into the face of the construct which stands a full foot taller than him.

In the deepest voice, most threatening voice he can manage, Tolan says,"Be thankful your a machince or I would gut you where you stand." Tolan's hand rest on the rapier at his waist. If I were suicidal, I wouldn't have lived to the age of seven, let alone 19! You do not know anything about me, nor do I expect anything that lacks something as simple as a sense of humor could ever know me! So shut up with the postulations about my parents, my childhood, my relationship with them! It's none of your business! And if you touch me, I swear to any god who's willing to listen, that I will run you through!" Backing up a few steps, Tolan continues in a slightly less angry voice. "And for your information, I do not rush blindly into a situation. What you are combating doesn't matter. What matters is how you are going about trying to fight it. That can't be determined until the specific terrain of the area that you will be fighting the creature in has been discovered. Only after you know the terrain, furniture, hazards and obstacles can you deal with the challenge at hand."

Turning around once again on his heels, Tolan marches right back out the door and takes up his position next to the door. He lets out a sigh and says to Alexander in a voice that is almost identical to his normal cheerful voice, "Yeah, I expect them to be out shortly."