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    Default Re: Got a Real World Weapons or Armour Question? Mk XI

    Quote Originally Posted by Galloglaich View Post
    A real mail shirt may weigh as little as 12-13 lbs actually. I think 20 kgs is probably past the upper range even for cap-a-pied mail protection including leggings, full arms, coif and so on, though there is no doubt it would be much harder to swim in all that..
    True, it would depend on the size of the links and the pattern.

    The mail shirt that I borrowed for re-enactment occasionally was about that weight, although it was 8 or 10 mm links (I think), which probably explains the weight difference.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galloglaich View Post
    Mail armor was cleaned by putting it in a barrel with sand and shaking it to scrub off the rust.
    'Shaking' is one way of putting it. Normally they just seal the barrel and roll it down a hill a couple times.
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