Healing did not work. Damage did not work. Rahja is utterly confused at what is happening right now. She tries to find a clue with her enhanced senses, searches in her memories about maybe having heard about something like this. But then she sees Celestica simply shatter.

"Celestica! Oh gods, no!" Rahja is horrified, filled with the terror of losing a dear friend in such a way. Her mind goes a hundred miles an hour, feeling guilty over not having cast any preventive spells onto her before, all while trying to find anything that could help. Even though the cracks shattered Celestica, Rahja feels the desire to attack them again as some sort of futile revenge.

Maintain Inspire Courage

Rahja possesses true seeing, arcane sight and see invisibility. Also, as stated in the OOC, she takes 10 on all knowledge checks (with a +10 bonus from Overcharge).