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Just because I'm a little bored at the moment, I wrote up some characters that could serve as the PoV cast:

Sam (Short for Samantha): Fighter. An avid athlete and a bit of a tomboy, Sam enjoys physical solutions to problems. She's not stupid, mind you - in fact she displays quite a bit of intelligence in how she fight - but she prefers to play to her strength, and that is, well, her strength. She tends to act on impulse more than the others and does not back down even when outclassed. Probably the happiest to be in the game, because there she can be who she wants to be rather than what everyone expects her to be.

Lisa: Sorceress. A shy, gentle soul with a surplus of empathy, Lisa feels there must have been some sort of mistake in attaining her class. Instead of becoming something passive or supportive, like a cleric or a druid or even a ranger, the powers she realizes are aggressive and destructive and drawn from passion and raw bloody-minded will. What disturbs her even more is how good she is at it - she is a fearsome force of nature when riled and often horrified by the aftermath of her own wrath. She's the one who wants to leave the most and will jump at any chance to do so, not so much because she's scared of danger, but because she's terrified that this might be who she truly is.

Curtis: Rogue. How best to describe Curtis? He never does things the normal way. Probably the most intellectual of the four, Curtis never attacks things head on, always trying to out-maneuver obstacles and achieve the most impact while using the least effort. Curtis is very non-confrontational, preferring people to never even know he's there, and can be particularly timid in a straight up fight, but if allowed to do things his way he is quite reliable - albeit unpredictable. Curtis doesn't dislike being in the game, but does worry how his mother is faring without him around.

RJ: Bard. RJ has not had an easy life. Raised in a particularly dysfunctional family in an unpleasant corner of town, he skates through his days on well-honed people skills to keep himself out of trouble at home, in school, and especially in the neighborhood. A born actor, he slips between roles fluidly to fit in with whatever crowd he falls into and can play people like a harp. What few people realize is that RJ has a gift for tactical thought and enjoys games like chess, though he hides this to protect his image. RJ dreams of being something more than he is, but doesn't really believe it to be possible. Of the four, RJ displays the least opinion of being in the game, as he has a fatalistic belief that he'll never be able to escape his old life for long.

I don't know. Would that be an interesting lead cast?
I love this idea, but then again I'm a big fan of (well done) fish out of water plots. I also like Kitten Champion's idea for the Moorcock-esque dreams of the other self. I like the 'multiple characters as one person' thing in his stories.