Commissar Larkson's face contorts with rage and disgust. "You want to go home? You want to just walk away? You're an Emperor-damned traitor, and a coward at that!" she roars.

She hurls the trooper bodily to the floor, and delivers a swift kick to his stomach. "Your parents?! Do you think your parents are proud that their son is a traitor?! Rather than be martyrs of the Emperor, their son has turned his back on everything they believe in!" Another kick. "Where is your faith? Your conviction? Your spine?!" Yet another, stronger kick. She then uses the tip of her boot to push the (probably sobbing) soldier onto his back. Standing astride his fallen form, she leans down and lowers her face to be just inches from his. With a stern, steel gaze, she quietly asks him: "Do you have any idea who you've been helping? I do not think so. Because if you did... you would be begging me to kill you right now."