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    Default Re: The Covenant (Halo) vs The Grand Imperium of Man (Warhammer 40k)

    Quote Originally Posted by Emperor Ing View Post
    I really think that might be a stretch, unless they bring their entire force into it, this means High Charity and all their various armadas, and the stars must align in their favor. That means the Planetary Defense Force for all those worlds are totally useless (as they usually are,) Guard regiments are either off-system or underpowered, and there are no Spess Mahreen homeworlds in that sector. At best they MIGHT be able to take a subsector, but it wouldn't be long before, say, the Mordians or Catachans come in to curb-stomp some Elites.
    For the sake of argument, let's assume we're dealing with two comparable forces at their best possible strength. So, that would be the entire Covenant Fleet assembled around High Charity invading an Imperial Sector with a dozen or so full strength IG Regiments, a few Battlefleets who have been tasked with the repulsion of the Xenos threat, and at least one Space Marine chapter with the majority of it's companies assembled. Oh, and of course an Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos witih his retinue.

    Really the only vehicle of note that the Covenant have is the Scarab, but let's face it. It's only got one serious weapon, and against a moving target it's not that effective. Compare that to our favorite mac-mansion sized tank and it's 11 barrels of hell. Using a Warhound Titan against a scarab would be serious overkill, i'd say a Leman Russ or possibly even a Sentinel with a Lascannon and a bit of patience is all that's necessary to take those things down.
    I'm willing to cut the Covenant a little slack where Scarab's are concerned. I played the Halo RTS and let me tell you a Scarab Walkers tear their way through UNSC vehicles like tissue paper. Considering that 40k is basically the Dark Ages with Super Science technology, I'm willing to say the Scarab could pose a serious threat even to most of standard Imperial vehicles.

    Problem is, it's the only serious threat I can think of, and Scarabs are pretty rare. Focus fire from a trio of Leman Russ Battle Tanks would be more than enough to take it down I'm sure (that much faster if they've got Basilisk support, which they will). It's maybe a match for a lone Warhound Titan, but seeing as how they're employed in scouting pairs and supported by the larger titans . . . it doesn't look good.

    The Covenant Ghosts and Banshees might do a lot to harass an IG regiment's flanks, but seeing as how they can be gunned down with concentrated small arms fire . . . Well, they're basically open topped vehicles with an armor value of 7 or 8 (lower than even the lightest vehicles in 40k).
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