Lord Wero's gaze fails to detect any illusions in particular. Thinking hard of the problem at hand, however, there is one other solution he and Rahja can come up with. Looking at the area around you ripple in place, your surroundings no longer seem quite at home in the material plane. No, things seem too fluid around here for a physically morphable world. If anything, these surroundings look closer to the magical morphability of the plane of shadow or even the chaos of Limbo than to the plane you hail from. If you're right, there's a chance that you aren't on the material plane at all. With that said and done, however, that leaves just the questions of where you are and Where Celestica has ended up. As you search for your thoughts, however, light continues fading from the world around you as the crack above begins to glow red. A large ripple of earth, structure, and air can be seen in the distance in every direction, currently a good half-mile away and slowly creeping inwards.

Running through the forest, your head remains in a fog and your legs seem to work in slow motion. Nothing around here seems quite right. In place of fruit, clockwork timepieces hang from the trees, endlessly ticking and whirring as you made your way. Fortunately, you can see your destination. A pillar of light, another unusual addition, shines into the sky where you're certain Crystalia should stand.