Night 3 Ends

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Ghost or Fae?
Sam Lederveil, head of the investigations team had this to say, "We spent the night in the cemetery and got the usual energy fluctuations and occasional cold chills up our spines, but no one was prepared for the low moan that originated from nowhere. Normally, we would pass this off as a wild animal, but we were able to track the origin of this sound to a location of empty air. Later that same night a member of our team saw a manifestation of an actual spirit from beyond the grave."
We recruited a portrait sketcher to draw a picture of the girl and when we showed it to our fae specialists they claimed that it was most definitely fae. We asked what possible interest the fae would have in Resurrection and were told that the fae were likely there to play pranks on humans. When we told Sam about our findings and suggested that maybe these ghost sightings were actually the fae playing a prank on him he responded, "There will always be skeptics to what we do. In fact, we our are own greatest skeptics. What I'm saying is that what we observed that night wasn't alive."
Do Sam's theories have any substantial validity? The Nightly Chronicle will continue to follow Sam and his research in the hopes of unraveling these mysteries.

Too Many Zombies?
Yesterday, Matthias2207, a long time resident of Resurrection announced the sale of his home to Count Dingdong. When asked the reason for the move Matthias told us that there were too many zombies in Resurrection and avoiding them all was becoming too much of a hassle. "The path I take from home to work is just too complicated. I can't keep track of which zombies are where anymore and it's only a matter of time before I accidentally stumble into one." The writers here at The Nightly Chronicle would tend to agree. The Zombie problem has escalated in recent months and the absence of sightings of the legendary Woodcutter point to the possibility that the village of Resurrection may soon fall to a Zombie apocalypse. Whether or not we have reached critical mass is hard to say, but given that villagers are already leaving, the end may not be that far away for us all.
*job openings available, must be willing to work at night

Day 4 Begins Now
and ends in about 48 hours