Dingdong roles into town, bags in hand and goods in tow. Begins modifying house, getting wood from wherever. Sawing, hammering, pounding painting. House slowly gets outfitted with rows of seats in front. "Gosh darnit. Dang-blasted woodcutter. Where's an axe when you need it?"

Leaveing work where it is, he sets up podium, bringing box to it. He takes gavel and says in loud voice: "Here, hear! Get yer dead-bustin gear! Goin for cheap, chep prices! Auctions for stakes, for torches, mebbe even prized Cutter's axes! Going now, a noose! Starting at 3 copper. What's the bid? Do I hear 5? 10? 2 silver? More? Going once..."

He continues to nonexistant crowd til people appear.