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The slithering tendrils of film lifted Mr. Long from the balcony and began to assimilate him into its form, strands of the silvery film gently wrapping themselves around his body.
Minor enough, but it seems odd for him to be assimilated, but for it also to happen gently. It doesn't seem to jive with the rest of how the thing acts.

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"How was I supposed to know film was flammable?"
I get the feeling he would have used fire anyway...

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"Remind me to take Power Attack after this fight," Derive replied as he hacked off yet another thick tendril from the creature.

Lucy's arrows stuck firmly into the top of the beast, though to little effect. "Think we'll level up from this?"

Lupin nodded up at her. "Most likely, assuming we survive."
Hahaha...same old, same old.

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"Eww, I don't want to become a vegetable," Lucy whined, sticking out her tongue in disgust.
Haha, nice. Does the ditzy personality quite well, I see.

It's well done, and your portrayal of their characters is amusing as always.


Generally, I use it to improve the next snippet rather than worry about fixing the old ones. There is a manic smiley, though. Click more and you'll find this......among others.

Previous snippet summary:

Last time, the party met a healer, entered the latest tower, and fought some flying reptiles. Now they're in a castle hall with liches and what seemed to be several female nobles in stasis. Jessica 'found' some dust and prepared to use it on the nobles...

Secrets abound

So, Jessica poured the dust over the ladies. And...the stasis broke.

Obviously, Dust of Dispel Magic...made by a powerful caster, to break something like this.

The liches recovered quickly, and simply teleported away. The others, meanwhile...

They were a group of sorceresses. The stasis spell had interrupted both sets of casters as a last-ditch maneuver to stop the liches from casting a ritual that would turn the whole region's inhabitants into undead. So, our job...

"We will cast a ritual to banish them. You need to stop them from finishing theirs. Hurry!"

Luckily for us, the place wasn't that big, and the halls were direct. A new annoyance for my catalog, however: I am now the slowest of our group, same the paladin. And he's wearing plate mail, or he'd likely outrun me as well.

So when I got there, Jessica and Kol were there already.

"Um...What do we do?"

"Unless you're willing to hit them, keep us in fighting condition."

"Vitriol Chain."

Kol and Aileph joined in, as well. A blade into dead flesh, and an arrow flying. We, of course, were nothing more than an annoyance. No weapon in our possession was able to bypass the unnatural armor their undead nature granted, and my spells were not much more than an annoyance.

I can fling acid and frost and pure dark force. The scout's skills see enemies as pincushions in short order, and a paladin with a holy avenger is a terror to his foes. But in this case, we weren't much more than an annoyance.

I hate this bloody world. How is it we're always the weakest things in it?

Kol and I fired three shots. Aileph's blade never stopped moving...but despite not being able to hurt them significantly, we stopped the spell's progress several times. Until they cast a defensive spell that left us unable to hit them at all...

If they had started with that, they could have finished their spell. The last thing their leader said...

"Too late! We will not finish the spell...but we can kill these-"

To mundane eyes, they simply vanished. But as I draw my power from the one of the outer planes, I could feel the force that shunted them out of this plane.

That done, the castle grew hazy, and we returned to the tower's central chamber. The final door opened, and we could see the pedestal and sword...so it was time to figure out what to do with it. It didn't take long.

"So, these things can connect the material plane to divine planes?"

"Aye, lass, so we're told...Kol, what have you been doing so far?"

"Well, we've been destoying them, but..."

"I did not ask you, warlock. I'm still not sure what side you're on. Kol?"

"We've been 'claiming' them for nothing. That ends the magic, and destroys the tower. Safer than leaving it for the devils to reach."

"Then that's what we'll do."

If you knew what you chanced by that...fine. Next time, I'll make sure you listen.

So we brought down the tower. On exiting it, Yin and Yang said good bye. Yang was still petulant about losing her game. Yin, however, was sad to see yet more people fleeing the mad city. Aileph felt bad for her...so much so that he left the celestial horse with her. It meant he was less effective in combat...but he thought it worthwhile.

To each his own.

When we returned to the true world, on our side of the mirror, there was a basket. A large basket, with a colorful, round...thing hovering above it. Jessica said it was a 'hot-air balloon' that she had found.

I didn't ask.

The basket was large enough for all of us and our scant gear. The thing was propelled by wind normally. In our case, Jessica just towed the thing. She said she could handle it indefinitely. Aileph seemed nonplussed, Kol took it in stride like always, and me...Well. I had planning to do.