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Is that an issue? I mean, we're sure to see at least some provisional Space Marines thrown at this thing, if not a Chapter's core companies. Master Chief and a contingent of marines all but walk onto a Covenant cruiser and proceeds to wade through the crew and security forces to rescue Cpt. Keyes in Halo I.

Granted, we're talking about the greatest hero of the war, but every Adeptus Astartes company commander is a veteran of hundreds of years of war and dozens of campaigns, having proved their worth and mettle a thousand times over. I don't know if it's much of stretch to say a Terminator Commander and his retinue could teleport onto High Charity itself and personally slay every last Covenant on board.
I'd give anything up to and possibly including a super-carrier to a a well-prepared Terminator squad, but High Charity itself is stretching things a bit. Mostly because the thousands of Ship Masters, Fleet Masters, Honor Guards, and even the High Council itself in a species where military rankings are based on combat prowess. Although I would like to see the chaos unfold if they popped right into a High Council meeting. Obviously, the solution is to teleport in more than one squad.