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I'd give anything up to and possibly including a super-carrier to a a well-prepared Terminator squad, but High Charity itself is stretching things a bit. Mostly because the thousands of Ship Masters, Fleet Masters, Honor Guards, and even the High Council itself in a species where military rankings are based on combat prowess. Although I would like to see the chaos unfold if they popped right into a High Council meeting. Obviously, the solution is to teleport in more than one squad.
Ah, yeah I see where you got confused. I used retinue not in the 'Commander + Squad' sense, but rather the Terminator Commander of the Chapter, and the assembled might of it's 2nd Company.

So that'd be, what? The Commander, a dozen or so terminator veterans, plus a few more squads of 'run-of-the-mill' nigh invulnerable, champions of raw zealous fury and hatred for all things alien, armed with tank crushing gauntlets, twin-linked auto-fire rpgs, plus an assortment of heavy weapons.