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    Default Re: Hillariously Stupid Non-Monster Things from D&D

    Quote Originally Posted by nedz View Post
    I suspect that this is from a module. You can always re-fluff it as a grand piano or something.

    I want to place several of this in a game where the local magic mart is run by an Elf. When they try to part exchange them the reaction would be something like:
    "Eek, get those things out of my shop before I disintegrate them."

    Original source: 1E UA Illusionist only. (well it might have been in Dragon first). The thing is though, by the time you can do the save or die thing, you could have spent your action in casting a 6th level spell.

    Sounds like England in the Cromwell/Puritan period; and the Pilgrim fathers wondered why they were unpopular.

    I ran this and it worked well. Clerics were still the most powerful class.
    No one uses the useless kits anyway.

    I run a similar house rule in 3.5. Clerics get to cast their domain spells spontaneously instead of cure X. If they want spontaneous healing then they need to take an appropriate domain.
    ACF in PHB 2, you can spontaneously cast from 1 domain and can prepare healing (or inflict) spells on your domain slot. There is also a feat that allows you to cast spontaneously from a Domain at the cost of 1 turn attempt per spell.
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