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    Default Re: Relationship Woes and Advice 22: In Which Two Problems Prevent Each Others' Solut

    Quote Originally Posted by Socratov View Post
    At least you have the oppotunity to make time to date, my time seems to be entirely restricted, or I seem to find myself somewhere very close to the middle of nowhere (that's why okCupid, but haven't even chekced that for some time).

    (that said, I am on the hunt as it were )
    Yeah, I've not had the time or energy in quite a while. Starting to look like I might get some back, but now that brings up the question of where to start, haha.

    As for last post, for those who might be passingly interested, I talked to my coworker about a coffee place in the neighbourhood adjacent to both of our neighbourhoods, she apparently hadn't heard of it and declined my invitation saying that it didn't seem like her bag and I haven't heard from her since. I'm going to chalk this one up as a minor victory due to at least getting her out of my hair, I suppose, though only time will tell whether she's going to be actively avoiding me at work, since I wasn't doing my usual tasks the last few days.
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    +3 Girlfriend is totally unoptimized. You are better off with a +1 Keen Witty girlfriend and then appling Greater Magic Make-up to increase her enhancement bonus.
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