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Looks like I'm not going to get that second date after all. I asked her, got consent, tried planning it 2 days later and got told she'd be too busy that week. I then try planning it again over a week later (and I don't hear anything from her in the mean time) at which point I get a very cold reaction followed by some 'the world sucks' kind of rant and getting completely ignored near the end. And nothing since then to explain her behaviour.

She's very much succeeded in pissing me off. I don't appreciate getting strung along and being treated like crap that way.

I'm still wondering if this is going anywhere and I'm thinking about asking her exactly that. But for now, I'm considering other options as well. Maybe they'll be more worthwhile.
I'm not sure if she's stringing you along. "The world sucks" rant sounds like she might be depressed. It could also be a passive rejection*. Did you ask her for the second date at the end of the first date? If so, she may have agreed with to the second date to avoid conflict.

* Passive rejection is when, in the initial dating period, a person doesn't explicity say she doesn't want to stop dating but rather postpones dates or says that she is busy. The idea is that the other person will get the hint and stop asking them out. People sometimes complain about this as a technique, but it is no really no different than not asking someone for a second date when you didn't like the first date.