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    Oh, that clears things up.
    Again, best of luck. I hope things get better for her.
    Well. I'll explain what happened yesterday because I kind of need to get it off my chest.

    So, there's this girl I like, Haley. She drunk texted me with a load of ridiculous typos Saturday night. Which was completely out of character. It seemed like she was drunk. I ended up texting John, her most recent ex, to see what he thought about that. It turns out she texted him as well (which is extremely odd as she's been ignoring him since they broke up) and he said he wasn't sure, but that I should ask take her out to lunch or something sometime. The thing is she's on a "diet" which, as far as I can tell, means not eating lunch most days. John acknowledged this to some degree and said that when Haley and him were dating she had told him she had an eating disorder of sorts.

    There's also this girl Mary. She's knew. She has/had a crush on Haley too but now she's being ignored after Haley rejected her (Haley ignores people to make issues go away. Doesn't really work.) and has since hooked up with John. Mary, John, Isaac (a random friend), and Jacob (a friend she dated very briefly in Sophomore year) were all hanging out on Monday evening, when Mary said she had noticed barely noticeable slits on Haley's wrists (which is apparently the first thing she looks for when meeting new people). John said he had noticed those too back when Haley and he were dating, but he had never picked up on it because they were so small and she always seemed to have a reasonable excuse (my dog scratched me, etc., etc.).

    The five of us then decided we were going to confront the school psychologist to see what we should do. And we did. We went to him yesterday and he pleaded for us to tell us who our friend was, but we didn't, which he reluctantly excepted. He said if we wouldn't do that, we should talk to Haley's mom. John volunteered since Haley was already ignoring him and he sort of knew her mom. So after school, while Jacob, Haley, Isaac, and myself had play practice, he went to talk to Haley's mom.

    Haley's mom took John completely seriously, and told him that we were good friends for coming to her. Haley's mom then texted John after he had left and Haley came home and told him that she had made Haley show her her wrists, and that she was either going to go to the school psychologist of her own free will today, or be dragged to him tomorrow. Either way, the next step is a pro.

    Someone tell me we did the right thing. I know it should be obvious, but it isn't.

    All names changed. Blargh.

    EDIT: And of course, I still like her.
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    AT, I esteem you above all other men now.