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I think it should be clear at this point that this girl is N.I.: Not Interested. Here's the hard part: she's not going to be.

If you're going to be her friend, that's all you're going to be and you'll have to accept it. If you can't accept that, you shouldn't spend time with her as friends unless she is an irrevocable part of your social group (don't cut out your other friends just to avoid her).

Making any further advances will be creepy. Don't.
Listen to this man.

At about each event you've talked about that you spoke her, she's expressed that she doesn't want to date you or be with you and thinks that you giving her a lot of attention is creepy. It honestly sounds a little bit like an obsession. If you try to follow it through, even if she DOES end up dating you, the fall in the end will simply be all the harder, because she'd only be doing it out of misplaced feelings, not out of love or even friendship or anything of the sort.

You should get that through your head and imprinted solidly first before you think of trying to be her friend, as otherwise everything will just come back and keep on going the way it has so far.

Spoiled for slight irrelevancy.
I had something similar with a girl once, except I sat with her in nearly every class and she was interested in me at some point, but I got rejected later on. My grades nearly went to **** because I kept trying a little and I kept feeling awful. In the end, I took my distance and it made me all the better for it. A few months later we were able to talk like normal people again and be friends, but at that point I wasn't really interested in that anymore.