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Thread: Connections & Contentions: Aldhaven Lore

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    Default Connections & Contentions: Aldhaven Lore

    This is a lore and setting summary for a city within an on going Freeform/Sandbox Play by Post I'm running called Connections & Contentions. You may recognize the name Aldhaven from a larger PbP known as Aldhaven: Vicious Betrayals by Rizban. It is the same city, however Connections and Contentions focuses more on the world Aldhaven is in instead of just the city, but the city still is a main cultural hubb, and so has need of elaboration. Rather than put all of it on the current OOC (which already has a bunch in it) I decided it might be a good idea to put this as a seperate thread.

    This thread is to mainly provide information on the past and the present of this large city for the use of my characters, but anyone is welcome to comment!


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