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    Default Re: Got a Real World Weapons or Armour Question? Mk XI

    Quote Originally Posted by Spiryt View Post
    Unless sad remains of my German are failing me, this cranequin allows to draw about 1100 pounds over 14mm, in 25 seconds during which hands will cover about 20m, providing mechanical advantage.
    14 turns of the crank pull the string 140mm, which with a crank radius of 230mm results in 14 rotations with a combined radius of about 20m. This takes about 25 seconds, with a two-handed crank about 12 seconds.

    The 1100 pounds refer to a different mechanism from a few centuries later, which I think would pull a distance of 350mm. (It says that's the mechanisms length, which seems to consist entirely of the hook with the notches, so probably more like 300mm of draw length for the string.
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