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    Default Re: Hillariously Stupid Non-Monster Things from D&D

    Quote Originally Posted by nedz View Post
    I run a similar house rule in 3.5. Clerics get to cast their domain spells spontaneously instead of cure X. If they want spontaneous healing then they need to take an appropriate domain.
    When I did a fix for the cleric, I tried to give more domain-flavor by lowering the regular spell slots and increasing the number of doman spell slots. I think I actually like your idea more though.
    I know that the original line of thinking was that "clerics are the only ones that can heal" (although that not entirely accurate even within core) but even if that where the case I think this is a good change.

    To keep this thread on topic:
    The Wish Spell

    It's basically saying "here's 100+ pages of spells, but in case we've forgotten anything you can make up your own". Maybe workable in theory, but the potential for generating arguments and encouraging abuse is pretty much infinite.
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    It's not called common because the sense is common, it's called common because it's about common things.
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