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    yeah, it's only partially filled in. You see, we were supposed to be updating it as we created things while dm'ing. Problem was, we were so busy dm'ing and telling awesome stories that we weren't very good about putting full updates on the wiki. There is also a large portion of it which never made it to the wiki, for which I am mostly to blame. I was very bad about never updating the wiki.

    I'll do my best to supply the hidden lore when I can think of it.

    edit: speaking of which, first bit of lore:

    Any noble of rank marquee or higher who leads their family may grant a single letter of marque which allows the holder to be considered a marqued agent for that family. Marqued agents cannot be directly prosecuted for any criminal acts done in the name of the nobility, as the noble granting it takes full responsibility for any actions taken by the marqued agent.

    For those who end up with one, that makes them the next best thing to a law unto themselves. However, the noble who grants it may revoke it at any time to remove this protection if their agent becomes a liability and/or is abusing their position. The other method for removing a marqued agent, if the transgression is severe enough, is to press charges against the noble himself. If convicted of a crime that would be worthy of stripping their title away, the now ex-noble has lost the authority to grant a letter of marque and his agent no longer has any protections.

    One major caveat to convicting a former marqued agent whose letter has been revoked is that only crimes currently being prosecuted may be charged against them. Any crimes committed before the letter is revoked that are not being actively charged to the agent at the time the letter is revoked remain under the protection of the noble, even if the link with the agent is discovered afterwords or the crime was not yet under investigation.
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