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The most ridiculous published addition was Elves in Space Spelljammer. And yes, it had mobs of (intelligent) hippos.
Don't forget that the elves had Guyver units.

Spelljammer's cover is all like "hey guess what all of Kepler's first ideas were correct and phlogiston theory is real hell yes get ready for 15th Century voyages on the high seas only in space and prep your buckles for swashing only there are DWAAAVES." And then you open it up and read it. What you get is an elf in a Guyver suit trying to buy a pair of bongos off a penguin riding a flying pig down at the beholder bar. Which is okay, I guess. Had the cover said "get ready for wacky Baron Munchausen in space adventures," it'd be easier to swallow.

Also hate tinker gnomes for whom every gadget fails. HAHA isn't it teh funneh? No, thank you. I already have trouble taking this as srs bisniss, the Geartaculars Guild of Munchkin Land is actively fighting any attempt to get roleplaying done that doesn't turn D&D into Your Highness. Which is fine, if that's what you're going for. They would be great in a game like The Slayers (at least for the first half of any given season until things go strangely dark). But if you're trying to run Robert E. Howard/Dream Cycle style fantasy...