I'm being driven to distraction!

First I don't see her the next two days I work and then today she actually called in to quit which left us short-handed enough that one of the owners called her back and harangued her into not quitting or something so that she came in.

Then she seems like she's actively avoiding me like she's scared of me, so I try to smooth things over and see if there was any miscommunication going on, and she denied there being any beef and evaded the question about whether she'd been having issues receiving texts, so I shrugged and went back to my tasks and the next thing I know, she's put ice down the back of my shirt, of all things, and she's all smiles and joking and jocularity.

Maybe that's just part of her way from growing up a tomboy or something? Still strikes me as rather bizarre even given the tomboys I've known.