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    Prompt: Fake Seclusion
    Title:Four Falsehoods

    Lonely Earth

    The world is round;
    If you walk long enough in any direction,
    you will get very cold, or very warm,
    or very wet
    losing yourself in a world of ocean sounds,
    but ultimately, returning to a familiar climate


    Lonely Earth (part 2)

    The world is not flat.
    There is no edge to go free-falling off,
    and nowhere can you hear the rush
    of the salt-waterfall.
    And as sad as it would be to see belugas flying into the void,
    it would be worth it to sail the Flying Dutchman to Saturn or the moon.


    Steel Sky

    The sky is a hole in the sky.
    When there are no clouds to patch it up,
    you can see straight to God's kneecaps.
    It is both intense and baffling;
    the hole presses in and it is like you are being shrink wrapped.
    You can't tumble through; they plucked you to make fancy quills.


    Unwanted Earplugs

    Space comes with silence.
    Batteries are included, but the boom box,
    well, the boom box fell out of the shuttle
    and there's no cell phone service;
    You can't call your grandma to talk about the worms or bad weather
    in a state you haven't been to in a while. In this way , space is earplugs.

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