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Maybe that's just part of her way from growing up a tomboy or something? Still strikes me as rather bizarre even given the tomboys I've known.
If all other things remained equal, but she had been a man, what would your thoughts have been on the matter then?

Frankly, I doubt that "she's a tomboy" is an adequate explanation here. It's just plain immature.

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i wasnt planning on it. I never said i was, but everyone seems to(including her) think that i am. And what you described is sorta the issue. I cant spend time with the vast majority of my friends if i choose to avoid her.
In that case, continue to hang out with your friends, and at some point simply apologize to her for your earlier behaviour, but leave it at that. No mentions of "what could've been" or "I hoped for [something]" or hugs or such, just apologize, leave it at that, and continue on hanging with your friends. Doing any of those things after apologizing will only nullify your apology and set you back to creepy in her eyes, most likely. Hugging will be acceptable later on if you do it a lot with your other friends as well.

Also, how come you can't spend time with the vast majority of your friends without running into her? Do you always meet up as a large group somewhere?