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I agree with the first two, though the second doesn't lessen the first at all.

The last... we'll see. New shows always carries the possibility that I won't like them. Especially considering he mentioned that the main new one, which he intends to replace the Nostalgia Critic as his main attraction, will have a plot to it. As I've said before about the anniversary movies, I don't think he does serious storytelling well, just comedy, so moving from an all-comedy series like Nostalgia Critic into a comedy and story series doesn't exactly get me excited.

I have some of the same concerns. I visit the site for snarky commentary on pop culture, I don't visit it for the storytelling.

However I would say that with To Boldly Flee they have boned up on actual storytelling enough that it might work. Hopefully better when they can build characters to suit a story from the ground up. If they can keep that level and improve on it then it can work.

As for comedy versus serious... I never thought the Critic was funny. He could snark just fine, but so can every reviewer on the site, I never found his other bits that amusing. I however always find that storytelling is a universal trait, a good story is a good story and genre is irrelevant.

Noting that farrrrr to many seem to think comedy can replace story, which is probably why I'm a tough sell on comedies and rarely seek them out.