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I agree with the first two, though the second doesn't lessen the first at all.

The last... we'll see. New shows always carries the possibility that I won't like them. Especially considering he mentioned that the main new one, which he intends to replace the Nostalgia Critic as his main attraction, will have a plot to it. As I've said before about the anniversary movies, I don't think he does serious storytelling well, just comedy, so moving from an all-comedy series like Nostalgia Critic into a comedy and story series doesn't exactly get me excited.

You think TBF was a serious story?! The entire thing revolves around a literal plot hole and making fun of sci-fi movies! I mean, really, how on EARTH

Well, with TBF, I think he did a good job with storytelling. Keep in mind: most of TBF was spent parodying this or that scifi movie but the few moments that it got serious were actually pretty good - at least enough so that it didn't ruin the movie. And even then, they were usually punctuated or spotted with some sort of joke to lighten the mood. I'm hoping this DemoReel is something like that - a plot, but mostly lighthearted humor.