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and hopefully we'll see more Ask That Guy now - it's been way too long.
That's the one show of Doug's that I wouldn't mind if he retired. I think it's extremely one-note, and too predictable to be funny after the first few times you watch it. That Guy's answers will always be either to highlight what a horrible person he is, or they'll be complete nonsense, and that's basically it. It was funny for a little while, but it's been a long time since it made me laugh.

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You think TBF was a serious story?! The entire thing revolves around a literal plot hole and making fun of sci-fi movies! I mean, really, how on EARTH
It certainly treated itself seriously half of the time - more than half of the time in certain parts, which I felt were the weakest parts. When it was trying to be funny, it usually (though not always) was; when it wasn't, I was usually bored.