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    Quote Originally Posted by Terumitsu View Post
    [Sora's Apartment]

    While the muse felt as if she should do something to help Sora, it was long after the fact after watching them stumble that it came to her mind. Still, her curiosity had been piqued and she would soon follow Sora to see this thing they were referring to. She felt surprisingly at ease now, though. They could be trusted, at least in her mind even if she was still questioning which gender pronoun to use.

    Motioning for Mimi to follow her, she spoke up with an inquiry for the teifling. "Um.. What caused you to.. Why do you think that it is something I should look at?" Riss asked, wondering as to Sora's thought processes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gulaghar View Post
    [Sora's Apartment]

    Mimi follows closely behind Riss as she follows Sora in turn. She can't deny as twinge of curiosity when he mentions wants to show Riss something. It could be any number of things, and she wouldn't know where to begin guessing. The pixie does her very best to seem indifferent, though. Which is to say, not at all.
    [Sora's Apartment]

    Sora will open a closet in his bedroom - which, by the way, is rather messy, as he seems rather content to leave most of his dirty clothing on the floor until it's washed - revealing that the closet is lined with shelves rather than clothing. The tiefling looks over them briefly before picking a single book off the shelf, and moving to hand it to Riss. The cover says Lhena's Extracts in gold handwritten font, and the tome is bound in red leather. It's fairly thick, but not too thick, and has that musty quality that books that have been sitting too long in a library have.

    "You were interested in magic before, obviously. Lhena was an archmage and teacher, and she was particularly interested in making sure that the people who came after her would learn magic properly. It's the first book I used when I was learning magic, and it describes magic as best you can in a succinct but accurate way."
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