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    Dave wakes up facing the ceiling "Dang it! Oh wait I fell asleep looking at that false alarm guys." says Dave to his pokemon in the room. he then looks at peach hmm... she's the weakest in the group, and the way things are going battling with her could be dangerous cause wilds, and those responsible are going to play for keeps. I need to come up with a safe way to make her strong enough to hold her own he then looks at the pouch of sling bullets hanging from his bag and gets an idea.

    He quickly gets ready and collects his pokemon as nice as it is to let them get out and stretch things could go south at any time, and he couldn't keep an eye on everyone.

    After unloading his camping gear and egg to save space He then heads to the training room with peach. He knows from weeding the garden back home that Shroomish can shoot some nasty spores out of the top but for peach the ability to do that hasn't appeared to have grown in yet so his idea is to toss a sling bullet back and forth with peach to help peaches "shooter" muscles grow in.

    It starts slow at first with peach hoping in frustration trying to launch the bullet from its top. then a break through when peach lands hard enough that puff of air escapes from inside and the bullet fly's a few feet in to the air much to peaches surprise "good job peach do you think you can do it again?" peach nods and does it again sending the bullet a few feet into the air "your doing great do you think you can shoot it higher?" after a few tries peach sends it higher "awesome now send it towards me" and in no time Dave and peach are playing a game of catch with Dave pushing peach to shoot the bullet further and further. Dave then looks at the time and realises an hour has past "I think thats all the time we have for now but here" he lifts the little shroomish and places it on his shoulder "you can help me explore before we go meet with Joan you'd probably like the fresh air right" the shroomish nods and closes its feet around one of the back pack's should strap for stability.
    training exp: (2d10)[13]X10X1
    Dave then goes across the street to the building Collin and Blake said the bomber escaped from (he munches a granola bar for breakfast on the way [-1 ration]). he hoped to find some gear and maybe some clues as to who the bombers are and where that particular bomber may have gone.
    loot(and I guess wilds?)(1d100)[21](do I get stat bonuses from dex for loot?(cover more ground and sift through rubble faster))

    in addition to the obvious stuff to look for like medical supplies, food, and scrap here are some areas of interest since there may not be time to search all the floors:
    • roof (clues, gear tossed from the mall explosion)
    • fire extinguisher box (3 guesses what I'm looking for here)
    • janitors closets (duct tape, rubber gloves, batteries,tools, etc...)
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