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[Riss' Quarters]

Some time later, later than perhaps would have been expected, Mimi is returning to the MagCave. In one hand, she's holding a plump rabbit she killed a number of hours ago. In her other hand are two flowers. She slips through the vents and will soon emerge in Riss' quarters.

She looks rather rough. Her dress is stained with blood and sweat and is burned in a few places. Her hair is a mess and there are still some lingering traces of blood around her mouth. Thanks to her enhancement, she's not too badly wounded herself by this point. Just some lingering burns and traces of mostly healed scratches. In fact, she feels pretty good, and the big smile on her face shows it too.

"Riss! Misha! I'm back!" She calls cheerfully.
Riss' Quarters

After their little aborted massage lesson and what followed it, it seems Misha and Riss have retired to the bed and each others' arms.

The very first thing Misha does when she sees the state Mimi is in is slap her own forehead in sheer dumbfounded awe, "We really do need to follow you around everywhere don't we? If you'd got seriously hurt or trapped, how do you think that would affect us? How the heck do you even get that roughed up catching a rabbit?!" She looks like she wants to get up and shake the stupid out of the pixie, but is torn between that and holding Riss to her even more tightly. The thought of Mimi being hurt scared her a little in a way that she didn't want to admit to herself, and she's reacting poorly to that.

Of course, with both Riss and Misha still being naked and in each other's arms, Mimi might not be greeted by the most pleasant sight ever. Unless of course her jealousy is over-ridden by her lust.