Isonade seems to actually learn something from your personalized training and the attention makes her happy. (Training XP is validated). While you have time to kill before your meeting, you and Maia begin patrolling the streets. It's almost an hour later and you're heading towards the Arena when out of an alley two poisonous barbs fly out and sting Maia. They both hit, but the damage seems almost negligible. Following the barbs, two long, purple snakes slither out of the alley and are advancing on you.

5 damage to Maia. Both opponents are only a couple meters away. Collin's turn, Maia's turn. No map really needed.

You take your bike and ride to the local museum. Along the way, Lux provides you enough light to see the extent of damages this far from the blast. Not a single building is untouched, most missing windows and some with collapsed walls or supports. Some light seems to be atop a hotel or two, but from so far below, you can make out no details. You soon arrive at the museum and find it locked. Lux doesn't see this as a problem and she goes through the door. Not in the style of Ganga, with breaking and noise, but like Varen would, quietly, invisibly. You wait for quite a while, fear flitting about the edges of your thoughts. After what feels like forever, you hear a soul piercing shriek and a window high above shatters. Out comes your ghostly candle pokemon and she has two items with her: a blue stone that looks water-worn and smooth, and a large, stone tooth. The latter must be some sort of fossil, but before you can really think about it, Lux urges you to get going, quickly! It's a rapid ride but soon you find yourself outside the Arena, panting slightly. You have a couple minutes before your meeting, so you sit and catch your breath.

Peach seems to learn a little of what's expected of her from your training and she seems proud of the improvement. (Training XP validated). You bring her along as you try exploring a nearby skyscraper, the same one that Blake and Dave previously chased that trainer up. You take your time, going through most floors at random, but not finding much. You eventually come to a room in higher floor with a broken window. On the table, surrounded by shattered glass, is a package of three apricorns: Red, Blue, and Black. You accept the good fortune and are about to leave when you trip over another package: three potions, still unopened. You collect your loot, but find nothing else in the building. You return to the Arena and find Blake sitting outside, folding his bike back into it's compact shape.