[Sora's Apartment]

"I.. I see." Riss said, cautiously accepting the book. Huh.. I'd have never thought that... Well, I suppose it would make sense that analog data storage would still be a viable means given the much wider array of materials here to print upon. Actually, now that I think about it, if such a thing were 'traditional' because of the avalibility of these materials, then it would make more sense as to why this methood would be widespread rather than seeking to compress data into smaller containers or placing them in decentralized networks. Well, that and just the avalibility of technology. I really need to keep that in mind.. Would think I'd remember that by now but..

Opening the tome, Riss would begin flipping through each page quite carefully but at a fairly rapid pace as she visually scanned each line and image while saving it all in it's own file. Hopefully, there was nothing abou the book that would keep it from being saved in this way. Nevertheless, if everything went well, then the muse would be handing back the book within a relatively short time. No reason to carry around a physical object when she could store the information just as easily.

[Riss' Quarters]

Riss' reaction was quite similar to Misha's although she did work an arm free so as to better hold out a hand for Mimi to land upon. "This is the second time that you've come back all beaten up. You don't look as bad as last time but.. Misha's right. It's like we can't let you go off on your own if this is what happens." the muse said although her tone was notably softer with the barest hint of lightheartedness. Given how Mimi appeared to be acting, there wasn't any serious damage and so Riss didn't feel any need to raise her voice although she would soon be leaning down so she could reach under the bed for where she kept a small first aid box. If Mimi chose to land as offered, well she would be soon sprayed with the same bright pink substance over her cuts and burns although she would be asked to remove her rather damaged dress first. No reason to let that get in the way of or hide any wounds from being healed.

It might just be her state of mind from recent events, though, that she wasn't exactly thinking how Mimi might react to both her and Misha being so close when she came in. All things said, she was still wanting to just return to the warmth of being held but at the same time she couldn't just ignore the pixie. ..Well, nothing says she can't stay here with us I guess.. I mean, if I'm going to try and.. Well... Might as well give it a shot, right?