Wow... so, that marks the end of an internet-video era for a lot of people who followed him.

You have to respect them not stringing along something just because it's popular, even when doing something new is going to be risky on whether people will warm up to it or not.

Personally I'm still interested in following both Noah and Doug individually but I find I've lost interest in the rest of TGWTG or Channel Awesome in general. I was already skipping 90% of the reviews before the Spoony incident happened, then that whole "event" lowered my opinion of the site in general even further, and now I find that NC being retired makes for a nice bookend to mark the end of my "fandom" of that site, where I have followed since it started pretty much.

So while I'll probably give Doug's new stuff a watch, and keep going to the Spoony Experiment, not really interested in any "larger cast" projects he mentions, especially seeing the average quality of the acting in the special - where you have a handful of actually capable actors carrying all the others who are obviously trying to "act" for the first time, or just not good actors period, and depend on you cutting them a lot of slack because of it. Not that I have anything AGAINST that, but there's just better uses of one's time. For a yearly special it's ok, but as a regular thing? Hmm.

As for what I thought of the last couple Boldly Flee videos, I would say more but there's only so many times people can say "When they're being funny it's great, when they're not it's not" in the same thread without it getting tedious. So I'll just agree with the people who said that