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Thread: [Nexus] Home 12: Home, Home and Deranged

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    [Sora's Apartment]

    Mimi hovers over Riss' shoulder in the meantime. She peers at the book, but she can't make anything of it. It's just a bunch of symbols that don't mean anything to her. Oh well, she'll occupy herself with peering around the room until Riss is done.

    [Riss' Quarters]

    Mimi doesn't seem overly jealous, nor does she look at the two with overt lust. Her surprise at Misha's reaction far outdoes them both. "I'm fine. Some crazy person attacked me, but I beat her up." She sets the rabbit down, but holds on to the two flowers when she lands Riss' arm. "My mom doesn't even act this worried about me." She rubs the back of her head awkwardly.

    Wanting to change the subject to something that doesn't make her feel quite so... guilty, Mimi speaks again quickly. "But, uh, anyway. I got these." When Riss is done spraying her, she holds out a flower to her. It's a fairly large flower with very curled, deep purple petals with a bright yellow center.

    Rather than offer the second flower to Riss, Mimi goes to hover in front of Misha. "And this one's for you." She smiles as she offers the flower to the nereid. It's a little thing, with simple round petals and coloured a soapy green to match Misha's eyes.
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