Riss' Quarters

"Yeah well... maybe she should. I don't want to have to run all over the ends of the earth if you get in-... just be more careful with yourself, okay?" Misha sighs and leaves it at that, staying quiet while Riss undresses the pixie and dresses her wounds. When the flower is presented to her she's shocked, then flattered, looking back and forth from Mimi's extended hand to Riss as if expecting it to be some kind of joke.

Then she reaches out tentatively and takes the flower, giving it a sniff once it's near her nose. Assuming she finds the scent pleasant, she'll smile secretively and tuck it behind her ear, breaking out into a grin.

"Thank you for the thought. Hey, can I see your dress for a second? I just thought of something cool." She desperately needs something to draw the subject away from tricksy pixies and their kind gestures that put her offguard.