[Riss' Quarters]

Riss gave a small shrug when Misha looked to her. She couldn't say she knew what Mimi's motive was but it wasn't something that weighed on her mind much either. It would be interesting to find out more of what were considered 'norms' from where Mimi came from even though it might require quite a number of questions. Still, taking the flower in hand, Riss inhaled its scent given that she was quite curious as to how this one smelled. The ones previous had all been rather interesting although she couldn't help but think the one with the spicy scent was one of her favorites.

Still, after she had tended to Mimi's wounds, Riss paused for a moment to consider a thought. "I think I understand why she might not overtly worry so much from what you've mentioned before but.. Well, do you mind if we do, at least? In any case, we're both glad you came back in one piece even though we had to fix you up a bit." With that said, Riss would gently try to lift the pixie up and do the best she could to place a gentle peck on her cheek. It was.. A start at least. I just hope that isn't being too forward at the moment even though.. Well, it's mostly chaste so it probably isn't too bad but.. Maybe I should mention to her my decision or maybe I should... I should just see what happens in the next minute or so and then worry about the rest because I'll just ruin the mood if I do anything else.

[Sora's Apartment]

"Ah.. I, um.. I understand." the muse murmered, backing out of Sora's bedroom. She seemed just a little relieved by the prospect that she was able to leave without being rude but it was quite mild indeed. "I, um... Would like to talk more later. And.. Still need to help with your marking. So.. I'll try to contact you when I have the free time..?" Riss said, her last statement coming out as the sort of question inquiring as to the validity of the suggestion.

Once she had her answer, though, Riss would motion to Mimi to follow her out so they could let the teifling rest.. Though not before taking a moment to take a few 'snapshots' of the various titles on display in Sora's bookcase. "A-again.. Thank you for.. For having us over." she said, stuttering slightly.