[Sora's Apartment]

"Another time then." Sora says, smiling tiredly.

The snapshots of Sora's shelves will reveal that the books aren't conventionally labelled, as most of the spines are entirely blank, but a few have hanging signs showing what they are, specifically; Sapta Vedas, Senno Somnis Pesant, Dus Vodoum, Nyu Dai, A series of massive scrolls jointly labelled Mahotai, Umbra Sigma, Uber Spiegel, ten volumes of The Memoires of Etheldrea, Illium Myths and Legends: Labra Editions, A Study on the Mutability of Magic in the Human Soul, Lhena's Extracts, and Lumen.

A cursory search on the internet will reveal that this collection, even just from the titles he has labels on is mind bogglingly rare. Even just the Mahotai scrolls (which he almost certainly doesn't have all of, and are almost certainly copies) are worth a small to moderate fortune.

If Mimi and Riss leave the room, Sora will close the door behind them before flopping down onto his bed.