Riss' Quarters

"Well, you must have gotten some of the rabbit's blood on it, right? So if I do this..." Misha licks one of the blood stains quickly, not really savoring the taste, but knowing that it's necessary for what she wants to try.

"Then I can do this!" With a *fwoomp* Misha's ears go from being pointed and tanned to long and fuzzy, sticking up straight from the sides of her head before flicking adorable and rotating around in search of interesting sounds. Bunny ears are a great distraction from being vaguely embarrassed at Mimi being nice to her unexpectedly!

"There, now I'm not the only one of us without an animal part. Barring the scales I mean." The nereid giggles before bending her head towards Mimi and trying to flop an ear on top of the pixie's head.