[Riss' Quarters]

Riss laughed a little at Misha's actions, remembering that not too long ago, she would have likely started freaking out at the sudden change. That wasn't to say she was used to such things but she was aware that she had acclimated quite a bit to the idea although being transformed a bit herself had likey helped in that regard. As amusing as the sudden growth of rabbit ears was, though, that wasn't enough to simply stop the muse from reaching out to try and touch them. In fact, it would be quite the opposite given that they gave off the appearance of having a downy texture.

"That reminds me, I've been meaning to ask but every time the question came to mind there were.. Preoccupations at hand. Just what kind of scales are they? I've not been able to match any of them to any kind of fish, at least." the muse said once the topic was broached. Still, if Mimi would allow it, the muse would try and position the pixie to where she would be on the pillow between herself and Misha so that she could at least resume laying down and lazily cuddling while still being able to include the little fey. After, of course, Mimi delt with Misha's ears.

[Sora's Apartment]

Not a single one of those titles made any whit of sense to the muse but she was aware that this would probably be something to expect for quite a while given the subject matter. She would wait for a while before running a search over the tomes in question but she would be quite surprised indeed at their current going price. Really, it would be for the best as she likely would have been rather flustered trying to figure out how to act around a person who was apparently quite rich.

At least, until she remembered that the differences in class and status were apparently a lot more fluid here than from where she had come. Nevertheless it might make their next meeting just a bit odd for a time until she learned to 'overlook' that particular aspect.

Still, she would make an attempt to try and give Sora a meek smile before departing even though it would most likely wind up being some kind of silly grin for the few moments it crossed her features.