Riss' Quarters

The ears are indeed soft, but they twitch unconsciously when Riss tries to touch them even though Misha is trying to hold them still. The nereid smiles apologetically and lets them reshape back into their normal configuration.

"You've got wings like a butterfly, I think that counts." Not to mention the little antennae that Misha has a hard time not poking.

She turns back to Riss with a pondering look on her face, trying to draw Riss' eyes upwards so that the muse doesn't catch on to what she does next until it's too late. While speaking, Misha adjusts herself so that she's laying half-on the pillow Mimi was placed on, and now she's ever-so-slowly pulling herself towards Riss. The pixie is getting cuddled even if it's going to suffocate her first!

"I don't really know myself. They came with the skin from the gloaming game, but I didn't have the heart to ask her where she got it from. Could be a lizard maybe, or something else that's not in your list of animals like something magical. I've never seen something with blue scales like these that wasn't a fish, but the scales are too... dry, I guess, and rigid." She tries to think of any magical lizards she might know, but she's drawing a blank for now.