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Thread: [Nexus] Home 12: Home, Home and Deranged

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    [Fortress Mountain]

    That's the spirit, Day! Make that nub eat his words and cry to his mama!

    Clarissa knows the ins and outs of this game. She knows each map like the back of her hand! The weapons...not so much. She spams her noob tube through a player's favorite camping window and offs him with the explosion. She runs around a corner and knifes two dudes in the back. She charges at two dudes and dies, but the grenade she had primed before she bought the farm avenges her!

    She's the stabby type of player. She jumps off of buildings and ducks behind obstacles hiding from other players before rushing behind them and poking them in the back with her knife. She fires her noob tube anywhere she sees a movement or a name until she is awarded a kill. She picks people off across the map with low recoil assault rifles and flees whenever she absorbs too much damage. She's good at this game, and she spawnkills a group of other players so frequently that they accuse her of hacking and the like. This makes her laugh up until they recognize that she's a girl. A girl playing video games? That's impossible, they mock! And they follow that up by hitting on her.

    "Oh! You guys are sooo dead!"

    She ripostes as she introduces yet another player to Mister Fragmentation Grenade. He's getting to be quite the popular fellow, this round!
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