3108: My Favored Soul/Risen Martyr cannot be named "Bryan."
3108a: Nor can he be named "Bwyan."
3108b: Is he is named Bryan, he must be introverted and low-key, especially when under the effects of a 'bless' spell.

3228: Dropping squirrels from orbit is not an instant kill against whoever they hit.
3228a: Doing the same with dragons is, though.
3229: The DM doesn't care if I get every epic level mage in a hundred-mile radius to add spellcraft checks to the ritual OR how many Gods owe me favors; I can't use the Epic Spell 'rocks fall, everyone dies'.
3230: I can cast 'Nailed to the sky', but only during daylight hours.
3230a: If I somehow subvert this rule, and there is a full moon out, I cannot cast it while shouting 'I BANISH YOU TO THE MOOOOOOOOON'.
3231: If we're on the elemental plane of fire, suggesting we solve all our problems with 'MORE FIRE' does not get me a bonus to diplomacy checks vs. the inhabitants.
3231a: It'll make everyone and their brother unfailingly hostile on the elemental plane of WATER, though.
3232: 'I only memorized it once' is not a valid excuse for not saving the party with a spell that could easily target everyone.
3232a: ESPECIALLY not 'Water Breathing'.
3233: Even a cleric/druid of the storm god can't summon lightning strikes underground.
3234: I cannot subvert the above by convincing the Transmuter to create a spell that turns the dungeon roof into copper.
3234a: Random holes above our heads to the surface are fair game.
3235: Do not poke the gelatinous cubes while giggling like a simp!