Ah, I've been checking out stuff to get some online D&D going and found a link to this place through that RPtools website. I haven't really played an actual tabletop RPG before other than a few incredibly loose sessions when I was in elementary school, I have played a lot of games with various D&D rules, like that Baldur's Gate 1&2, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale 1&2, Neverwinter Nights, and The Temple of Elemental Evil(which has the greatest turn-based combat system of any game I've ever played), so I know what up. I've been wanting to play with Fourth Edition rules for awhile, I managed to get a large assortment of books from someone incredibly cheap and I've been enjoying looking through them and trying to find someone to play with.

Anyways, I'm an abrasive fringe bastard who is never satisfied. I'm mainly drawn to tabletop gaming because it seems like it offers a much greater degree of freedom, storytelling, and fun experiences than modern video games provide. Actually, many aspects of tabletop are attractive to me, like creating my character, writing up their background, thinking of a personality for them, and all the technical aspects involving stats/skills/feats/numbers.