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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow of the Sun View Post
    Spoony's commentary on the first part of To Boldly Flee was enlightening. He's explained why he left the company, the issues with Lupa and so on and so forth.

    I'm glad that the new meds are working for him.
    Agreed. I'm happy the whole affair was mainly motivated by a business motives, rather than personal conflicts. If only that personal conflicts are the worst basis for any business decision.

    Spoony is the critic I feel the most emotionally. I almost feel linked to his performance, to his rage and emotion. Maybe it's because he only talks about stuff he genuinely cares (negatively or positively), maybe because he puts so much of himself in his writing, maybe it's because he's such a good actor and can really shows himself on camera, as opposed to a somewhat stiffen himself (like the Snob).

    Or maybe it's because I just genuinely like him.

    If I ever get to do an internet-based show, it wouldn't be because of Jo, Doug Walker, Linkara or Lindsey, it'd be because of Spoony. He's the man.

    That said, I'm happy he's better. I'm happy there won't be a lasting grudge between him and the executives of CA (who are not bad people).

    Regarding the Critic no longer happening, I don't mind. I stopped finding him funny about half a year ago; like he said, there's only so much you can do with a given format, and I found the Critic wearing thin.
    I still liked him a lot. One of his best review, Signs, has been done only recently. My girlfriend and I had to stop the video for 20 minutes just to finish laughing at his alien subtitles.

    I am worried about the future of TGWTG, as they ARE losing they Flag Character, like Spoony says. And his business-related grievance ARE true: the site is a mess, there are too many producers, and none get the sort of exposure they would hope to get.

    Edit: I forgot to comment on one aspect of TBF.

    It's something people apparently have strong feeling about. Strong feelings I disagree myself..

    JesusOtaku's performance.

    I LOVED IT!! I enjoyed every second she was on screen! Maybe the girl can only show one emotion on screen, but she is so adorable when she does the Glee thing, playing a character that is ONLY Glee/Enthusiasm was pure candy for my own self.
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