[Riss' Quarters]

Riss was perhaps just a bit too observant of Misha's ploy given that she would have to adjust according to the changing weight distribution on the mattress. Still, it wasn't as if she was going to do anything to hamper the nereid and even went so far as to try and subtly aid her by shifting her own weight to where she hoped things would be more comfortable for all in the end. Besides, Mimi definitely deserved some cuddling as well. But even with that done, though, she still quietly wished that Mimi wasn't so small. Comparitively at least. "I see.. That makes sense although I probably should have thought of something like that by now.." the muse said, trying to keep the notion that it was a rather stupid mistake on her part out of her voice.

Reaching out to try and lightly tap one of the pixie's antenna as she thought around for other topics, another rather obvious question came to her mind. "So, Misha? Have you really ever experemented with that thing you do? I mean, are you able to take on any traits of something with just a sample? Can you keep them indefinitely or do you require more material after a while?" the muse inquired.