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Spoony's commentary on the first part of To Boldly Flee was enlightening. He's explained why he left the company, the issues with Lupa and so on and so forth.
Indeed. I'm surprised I missed that last night - I saw his crossover with Diamanda Hagan, but somehow missed the commentary right below it. Anyway, yeah, a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff there that is understandable, and in some sense almost unavoidable.

I'm a bit confused about what he was saying about not wanting to move to Chicago and whatnot - does that imply that the other producers of the site are going to start doing that ? That would be a much bigger change than I'd expected from what we've been told thus far.

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I am worried about the future of TGWTG, as they ARE losing they Flag Character, like Spoony says.
Yeah. Speaking personally, there's been two big reasons I visit that site regularly for the past few years: The Nostalgia Critic and Linkara*. One of those two is now gone, and I cannot predict whether I'll be as much of a fan of the replacement show as I was of the Critic. Linkara is still doing weekly reviews, so he'll still keep me there regularly, and as long as I'm doing that I'll continue to watch videos from the others sporadically, but if/when Linkara stops, how much I'll continue to frequent the site will suddenly be very up in the air. I imagine there's no small number of others who find themselves either in a situation similar to my current one or to my hypothetical future one right now.

*Spoony was equal to them in my eyes too, but I saw his videos on his own site, since some (like vlogs) didn't get posted on TGWTG, and he doesn't maintain a regular schedule, so it was easier for me to check his site than to hope I caught his videos as they went up on TGWTG. Which ultimately meant that his leaving the site impacted me little I suppose, aside from it making it more difficult for him to do crossovers or appear in Linkara's stories as Insano and whatnot.