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    Prompt: Old Landscape

    In a Word: We Don't Know

    I wander a hollowed forest
    Burnt apart by a fire born
    In the heat of a passion crime
    As I try to recall the word
    That set this all to burning

    Trees who whisper a word once screamed
    Trees who speak with a tongue once known
    Speak to me so I understand
    Speak to me so I remember

    Trees why are you dead
    Trees why did you burn
    Speak the tongue that I once knew
    Please tell me all that I have lost

    Hollow forest, why don't you cry
    Broken forest, why have you died

    I stumble in my wanderings
    Upon the tool which started it all
    The wretched flame ablaze too long
    In the mirror of a lake
    As hollow as this forest

    I look into my own features
    Ash-splattered clothes and skin
    Fire-crazed eyes too wild to bear
    With a dementia none could understand
    And I wander farther from the sanity
    That I likely never had.
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