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    Ye Olde Avatar Gallery

    Hello! I'm Blades, licensed commercial psychopath.

    My unicorn persona's awkward beginnings.

    What wisdom can I gain from the depths of this crystal ball? Also, I have a fez now.

    Uh... At least you got to see my cutie mark...

    Hey, look, I got wings! Artificial, but what the hey.

    A bit of age-regression never hurt anyone.

    I failed to pay my exorcist on time, so I got repossessed. By the aforementioned licensed commercial psychopath.

    Behold, Mare-isa Kirisame! MASTER SPARK!

    I'm the ponytar! You gotta deal with it!

    What would a pony version of Female Variant #5 look like, or don't we want to know?

    I had way too much fun combining the meanings of the word "Avatar".

    The strongest ice fairy!

    The piratical fez is my favourite part.

    Pinkie Pie + Rarity = Filial Piety.

    A little demonstration of Flower Tail.

    All set for sleigh team auditions.

    My first non-pony avatar. Now Mauve will love me.

    ...Maybe I should have picked an easier-to-undo transformation.

    My first Mauve avatar. Now Stylistic Suck fans will love me.

    Two ponies for the price of one! Blueshield doesn't seem too happy, though.

    I suppose my nostalgia is a bit out of date.

    My attempt at an Exalted Week avatar. Winterflap wasn't very enthusiastic about it.

    So if Aladdin as a pony prince is a winged unicorn called Ali, does that make him an Alicorn?

    Taking a break from pony avatars with this human starfleet commander.

    ...And I can't seem to shift back properly.

    Pony Jig Dragonslayer, inspired by Goblin Quest and its sequels.

    Mass Effect-style Blueshield (Blueshep?). And yes, I know I suck at drawing omni-tools.

    Blue Bubbles doing what she does best.

    Heya! It's me, Imoen!

    Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate™ (with a poxed hoof).

    A somewhat edited Legend of Korra screencap, in honour of Korrasami being official.

    Night Jewel as Datatech Sinder Roze. I even restricted myself to Alpha Centauri's colour palette when making this one.
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